Does Classroom Dialogue Make A Difference For Student Learning?

Often attributed to the philosopher and teacher Socrates, classroom dialogue, whether teacher to student or student to student, has been considered essential pedagogy for centuries. Even as we move boldly into the 21st century and focus on communication as an essential skill, we continue to acknowledge the importance of dialogue in the classroom. Does it … Continue reading Does Classroom Dialogue Make A Difference For Student Learning?

Let My Students Think

Think time is an important part of the communication process that is often overlooked in planning. Those periods of silence in the flow of a lesson can be awkward for students and teachers alike, but those moments of thought can yield tremendous insights from students. What should a teacher do during the silence of a … Continue reading Let My Students Think

Thinking About Communication Opportunities

Students need the opportunity to practice communication skills in the classroom. If you are having difficulty coming up with communication-type activities for your students, the following list may help: Oral Communication “How To” Speeches – Let the students teach you something like making a peanut butter sandwich or tying shoes. These are more powerful when … Continue reading Thinking About Communication Opportunities

How Did You Get That?

Classroom dialogue can be a powerful tool for student learning in all grade levels and content concentrations, particularly when student ideas are central focus. Teachers need to create safe spaces for such dialogue by providing structure and goals for student talk. In the article Talking About Math, authors Allison Hintz and Elham Kazemi share the … Continue reading How Did You Get That?

Creating A Communicative Climate

Students frequently engage in energetic chatter within the classroom; however, that chatter is often idle. A wise teacher will channel student energy and dialogue in meaningful ways. Authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey suggest the following to create a classroom that is “driven by discussion, rather than distraction” (Fisher, D. & Frey, N. (2014). Speaking … Continue reading Creating A Communicative Climate