The Goldilocks “Just Right” Paradigm in Classrooms

In the classic tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” Goldilocks searches for the “just right” porridge, chair, and bed. Upon finding that which was most satisfying, Goldilocks happily undertakes eating, sitting, and resting. Within each of our students (and ourselves!) is a cognitive “just right” for undertaking learning tasks. If a task is too easy, … Continue reading The Goldilocks “Just Right” Paradigm in Classrooms

Applying Brain Science to Teaching and Learning

Today we know more about the brain and cognition than any prior generation of educators thanks to developments in technology and research. In her book Engage the Brain: How to Design for Learning That Taps Into the Power of Emotion, author Allison Posey notes the following findings from brain research (p. 8): Emotions are central … Continue reading Applying Brain Science to Teaching and Learning

Coaching in the Classroom

Project based teaching creates opportunities for teachers to take on more of a coaching role than traditional teaching. Such coaching is often student-centered, focusing on student strengths while finding ways to overcome student weaknesses. The teacher, operating within his/her content expertise, encourages, motivates, and helps students develop skills, confidence, and competence (Boss, 2018). In her … Continue reading Coaching in the Classroom

Scaffold for Success

Students need an environment rich in content, skill, and resource supports to help ensure that they meet the established learning goals. These supports, along with the prior experiences of students, are designed to enable learning. In her book Project Based Teaching: How to Create Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences, author Suzie Boss shares a number … Continue reading Scaffold for Success