Encouraging Risk Taking in the Classroom

In 1564, English author, poet, and publisher produced the book A Dialogue Containing the Number in Effect of all the Proverbs in the English Tongue.  One of the most well-known and often recited proverbs from this publication is as follows:  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This wise adage reminds us that action and risk taking are … Continue reading Encouraging Risk Taking in the Classroom

Rigor and Relevance in the Classroom

We often throw around words like “rigor” and “relevance” when we discuss student programming, but what do we really mean?  Frequently rigor is summed up as “harder classes” and relevance is summed up as “real life experiences.” In the article What Do You Mean By Rigor? authors Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski provide further clarity … Continue reading Rigor and Relevance in the Classroom

Growing Positive Relationships With Students

The development of positive relationships with students is absolutely critical in the learning process.  Regardless of the content you teach, it is important to remember that you teach real life, flesh and blood people.  As such, it is imperative that you connect with them in meaningful ways, so that you have the greatest opportunity to … Continue reading Growing Positive Relationships With Students

Ideal Growing Conditions

If you ask an agronomist about ideal growing conditions, you will likely receive a detailed answer that includes information about soil types, soil nutrition, moisture, temperature, sunlight exposure, and other similar matters.  Each of these items plays a specific and significant role in creating the proper environment for the complex nature of seed germination and … Continue reading Ideal Growing Conditions