What’s the Big Idea?

In his book To Sell Is Human, author Daniel Pink shares a lesson he learned in law school.  His professor instructed students to “find the 1%.” What he meant was that students would benefit from wading through all the details and arguments to find the true legal issue – the real heart of the matter … Continue reading What’s the Big Idea?

Empathy – An Emotional Essential

Empathy may seem a bit “touchy feely” for many educators, but the facts are clear: a lack of empathy leads students to a host of negative issues, including narcissism, aggression, bullying, self-centeredness, sadness, and stress.  None of these behaviors help increase student achievement. Schools that incorporate empathy as a curricular component find tremendous benefits for … Continue reading Empathy – An Emotional Essential

Characteristics of Caring

Not long ago I was with a colleague and reflected on why I became an educator.  Like so many people, my response began with, “When I was in school, there was a teacher . . . “  In my case, it was at least four teachers (a band director, two English teachers, and a Theater … Continue reading Characteristics of Caring

Practices that Build Respect

Building respect between students and teachers and between student peers is an important part of the work that is done in the classroom.  In the article Relationships and Rapport: “You Don’t Know Me Like That” author Gabriel “Asheru” Benn shares the following classroom practices that build rapport and respect: Develop a shared standard for learning … Continue reading Practices that Build Respect