The End Is Here

Congratulations!  You survived a highly unusual school year!! As the summer break lies ahead, I hope you consider undertaking the following: Rejoice:  Find a way to celebrate all that you have accomplished.  You have managed to reinvent an entire instructional delivery model and deliver quality lessons to students in a distance-delivery format for nine weeks.  … Continue reading The End Is Here

Perspective, Empathy, and Depth

Students need opportunities and encouragement to look outside of themselves and consider how others may understand and feel about the world.  Classrooms can offer such opportunities and encouragement.  In the book Teaching for Deeper Learning: Tools to Engage Students in Meaning Making, authors Jay McTighe and Harvey Silver share the following five strategies for for … Continue reading Perspective, Empathy, and Depth

Visualizing for Depth

Think about a meaningful moment or event in your life from five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago.  Odds are that you immediately had an image in your mind.  From that image, you could easily retell about your memorable event.  That is the power of visual encoding. How could you harness this same power in … Continue reading Visualizing for Depth