The Camerata Classroom

In the late 1500’s, a group of academics, musicians, singers, poets, and dramatists gathered in Florence regularly to study the music, poetry, and theatre of the ancient Greeks in order to better understand the artforms and to apply their findings to their own works.  The group became known historically as the Camerata, which is somewhat … Continue reading The Camerata Classroom

Using Boredom to Become Creative

Keeping students engaged has long been a challenge for educators.  The wisdom that was given during many teacher preparation programs centered on frequently changing activities, presentation methods, and content elements during lesson presentation to keep students interested in what was going on.  In short, don’t bore the students.   There has been a tremendous amount … Continue reading Using Boredom to Become Creative

5 Tips for Encouraging Student Creativity

Teachers have many opportunities to help students develop and use creativity.  In the article Unlocking Creativity author Alessandro Antonietti (Antonietti, A. (1997). Unlocking Creativity. Educational Leadership, 56(6), 73-75.) suggests that teachers do the following to help encourage student creativity: Help children realize when creativity is needed and when it is not.  Creativity is a thinking … Continue reading 5 Tips for Encouraging Student Creativity

Four Roads to Creativity

A few years ago I planned a family trip to New Orleans to take in some Cajun cooking and jazz (the picture is from Preservation Hall, one of the oldest jazz venues in the country).  In order to plan the trip, I used Google Maps to provide the most efficient route, which included taking multiple … Continue reading Four Roads to Creativity