Letting Out the Genius

Many years ago while teaching music, I brought into my children’s choir songs from the Disney movie Aladdin.  I asked students if they could tell me a little bit about the story, and one young student shared that the lead character, Aladdin, rubbed an old lamp to “let out the genius.”   While the statement was … Continue reading Letting Out the Genius

Four Competencies for Creativity

The Partnership for 21st Century Education (now part of the Battelle for Kids network) identified creativity as one of the essential transferable skills for students.  While creativity as a topic is quite large, there have been a number of resources published to help teachers incorporate creativity into the classroom and build student skills.  One article, … Continue reading Four Competencies for Creativity

Four Conditions for Unleashing Imagination

Walt Disney, one of the most creative individuals of all time, was known as a champion of imagination.  He is quoted as saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  He firmly believed this, and his countless cartoons and his flagship theme parks attest to the strength of his belief. Students need to … Continue reading Four Conditions for Unleashing Imagination