Thinking About Gratitude

In spite of the continuing global pandemic and all of its disruptions to life, many are still approaching the Thanksgiving holiday with a spirit of gratitude.  That is a good thing!   Gratitude has many benefits overall according to Robert Emmons, one of the world’s greatest researchers in the area of gratitude.  In his article … Continue reading Thinking About Gratitude

SELF Care for Teachers

Teaching is exhausting work.  Teaching during a pandemic, with frequent switches between in-person instruction and distance delivery instruction, is exponentially more exhausting.  Over the past week I’ve had conversations with a number of teachers who have given all they can and are experiencing high degrees of stress.  Here’s my order to you:  Take care of … Continue reading SELF Care for Teachers

10 Things Teachers Promote to Cultivate Creativity

Some teachers do not view themselves as creative.  As such, they may have difficulty understanding how they can help their students develop creativity.  If you are such a teacher, do not fear or fret.  You, too, can do things in your classroom to help students grow their own creativity.   Author A.J. Cropley shares the … Continue reading 10 Things Teachers Promote to Cultivate Creativity