Conditioning + Fundamentals + Unity = Success

If you are a student of leadership or a fan of basketball, you may have heard of John Wooden. Wooden was a legendary college coach who guided the UCLA men’s basketball program to a record 10 NCAA National Championships. Because of his unprecedented success, people asked Wooden what made him and his teams so successful. … Continue reading Conditioning + Fundamentals + Unity = Success

Developing Mentor Programs for New Teachers

Educators, by and large, understand that students need to make connections and build relationships within the educational environment in order to enable achievement.  As such, schools develop peer-to-peer groups and student-teacher mentor programs to facilitate relationship-building.  The same need exists for teachers, especially those new to the profession.  The 2003 National Commission on Teaching and … Continue reading Developing Mentor Programs for New Teachers

Perception, Reality, and Trust

It has been said that perception is reality; however, in organizations that rely heavily on data to drive decision-making, reality tends to be more concrete.  Frequently, there is disparity between perception (what leaders say is happening) and reality (what the data shows).  What happens to trust when there is significant disparity between perception and reality? … Continue reading Perception, Reality, and Trust

Reflective Dialogue and Performance Evaluation

Socrates believed that learning was enhanced when he and his students engaged in dialogue.  As such, Socrates guided his students toward mastery through question-centered conversation and student reflection.  The Socratic Method has become an integral part of pedagogy and is still used today. Can the Socratic Method be applied to performance evaluation?  Reflective dialogue is … Continue reading Reflective Dialogue and Performance Evaluation

Tips for Preparing for a District Reorganization

Understand the state requirements for a consolidation process.  Meet with state level policy makers and state level consultants who have guided other districts through a consolidation to ascertain all that is necessary for a successful effort.  Ask about legislation regarding consolidation types, referenda, resolutions, tax rates, bonded liabilities, board elections, transportation, and possible state level … Continue reading Tips for Preparing for a District Reorganization

What do you do?

Students are often curious about the working world and ask the question, “What do you do?”  If you, as a leader, were asked this question, how would you respond?  Perhaps the following will help you create a response: Leaders envision.  They see things differently, looking for ways to improve upon policies, procedures, and      practices in order … Continue reading What do you do?

Leading A Successful Referendum For Reorganization

Is  your public school considering some type of reorganization?  Would you like to learn more about leading a reorganization?  On Saturday, November 21, I will be presenting a panel session at the annual IASB/IASBO/IASA Conference in Chicago.  Join me at 1:30 PM in the Sheraton for an informative time of sharing.