Five Recommendations Regarding Student Presentations

student presentation pictureLarissa Pahomov, author of the book Authentic Learning in the Digital Age: Engaging Students Through Inquiry, indicates that the following components be part of the student classroom presentation framework (pp. 90-102):

  1. Acknowledge two stages of presentation: Product and delivery. Teach students to prepare the best quality product by having students draft their work, receive feedback from peers, and adjust accordingly. Teachers should also provide feedback on the draft product. Allow students to develop an assessment rubric for both the product and the delivery. Give students ample opportunity to deliver the presentation in a peer-reviewed setting.
  2. Let students pick the medium. Giving students a choice in the medium to be used will help them further invest in the content preparation and delivery process. They will engage in content in meaningful ways.
  3. Let the presentation influence the outcome. Again, involve peers in the review and assessment process. The author suggests the use of a game show motif in which students ultimately choose to award “Best Of Show” prizes for a variety of pre-selected components.
  4. Present beyond the school walls. Publish the presentation on a website or blog. Post videos of presentations. This will allow students to access the content outside of the classroom.
  5. Practice on the micro level. The author suggests employing “think, pair, share” sessions, speed lessons, and micro-presentations throughout the regular classroom routine to help students prepare for the full presentations.

Apply this framework to your classroom presentations. Students will be fully engaged in content and will learn much!!

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