Where Is Your Classroom Refrigerator?

RefrigeratorThink of your refrigerator at home.  What do you see? If you have children in your home (or have had children in your home), it is likely that you see a large appliance decorated with hand-made artwork, crafts, report cards, photos, and other meaningful creations.  The picture you see today is my refrigerator at home. It is decorated with things my now grown children made many years ago for the Christmas holiday. We have saved them all these years, and now proudly display them each year.  

How the refrigerator became the prime display area in the home remains a mystery to me, but it does remind me of something important: people like to share the results of their work with others.  Does your classroom have a place where students can proudly display the work they have completed for others to see? If not, you might consider creating such a space. Like the refrigerator in the kitchen, your display area should be someplace where the traffic level is high, so that all can see the work being completed.  Your display should be vibrant and ever changing throughout the school year, so that it shows how students change and grow. It should contain work from every student in the classroom, so all have the opportunity to receive recognition for their successes.   

As you prepare for next week (and maybe even for next semester), think about where you might create a classroom refrigerator display area.  You and your students will be glad you did!

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