A Call to HOPE

hopeMany people are finding it difficult to maintain a positive perspective with the daily barrage of news and information about the current pandemic situation and the subsequent mandated closures and changes in daily routines.  In the midst of it all, I believe that you and I can be a conduit of good for those around us. We can become that river of positive energy by actively undertaking HOPE activities. What are HOPE activities?

Helping Others and Providing Encouragement

Helping Others during this difficult time can take on a variety of forms.  A simple phone call to check on friends and neighbors can help provide a vital connection that you and others need.  Picking up and delivering groceries to elderly or those with difficulty getting out can be hugely beneficial. Connecting people with the resources and resource providers available with the community can be beneficial, too. 

Providing Encouragement can also be done with a simple phone call, text, or email.  Posting positive messages on social media sites can also help others find a respite from all the negativity flowing around at this time.  Providing encouragement can be done at your schedule without even leaving your home.

Today, tomorrow, and in the days ahead, sow HOPE by helping others and providing encouragement.  Your family members, friends, neighbors, and community need it now more than ever.  


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