Recapturing the Vision for Our Schools

Perhaps it’s the New Year and all the traditions that go along with it, but I spent a tremendous amount of time over the holiday break reflecting on where we have been and recapturing the vision for our schools.  

In the past five years, we have made tremendous strides toward improving curriculum and learning in our buildings.  We have purchased and launched a core curriculum in mathematics and English/Language Arts.  We have added curriculum resources in social studies and science.  We have participated in the Early Literacy grant and purchased books for our early grades.  We have implemented RtI and PBIS.  We have worked diligently to implement a blended learning model.  In short, we have come a long way in a very short period of time in spite of the pandemic interrupting our efforts.  I applaud your work, and I brag about you like you are my children.  

The vision for the work ahead continues to be that which it has always been as articulated by the three primary focal points of our vision statement:

  1. All students will attend school daily.  To facilitate this, we will continue to operate safe and attractive school facilities that are inviting to students and families.  This is one of the driving forces of our current facility study.
  2. All students will behave appropriately.  To facilitate this, we will continue to implement practices that teach appropriate behavior, model it in our professional attitudes and behaviors, and celebrate and reward positive behaviors in our classrooms and schools.
  3. All students will perform at grade level or higher in all academic areas.  To facilitate this, we will continue to revise and implement rigorous and meaningful curriculum materials, use data from formative assessments to inform our instructional practices, and provide professional development related to improved instructional practices. 

I’m excited about all of the possibilities that lie ahead in 2022, and I hope that you are, too.  As you plan for next week, keep the district vision in front of you.  Plan so that all of your classroom activities move us a little closer to fulfillment each day.  You and your students will be glad you did!

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