About MIBT

Phil Harrison is a DISC Certified Consultant and experienced leader who can help you learn more about yourself and develop a plan for growth. Below is short list of skills and experiences that he can bring to you:

DISC Assessment and Consulting

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Hiring Professionals
  • Team Building


  • 20+ years of holding a leadership position with increasing responsibilities at each shift
  • Developing foundational documents that guide the work of organizations

Leading and Managing in Crises

  • Pandemic, natural disasters, and other unplanned large-scale disruptions
  • Large-scale litigations
  • Unexpected tragedies


  • Weekly written communication pieces to stakeholders and board of directors
  • Weekly phone messaging to stakeholders throughout the pandemic
  • Use of social media, SMS, push notifications, and web messaging on a regular basis
  • Soliciting feedback from stakeholders via written forms and surveys
  • One-on-one and group conversations
  • Presentations that connect with the intended audience

Public Relations

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • SMS campaigns with push notifications
  • Website messaging
  • Public presentations
  • Media interviews
  • Referendum/public voting on issues

Planning and Organization

  • Curriculum renewal planning and implementation
  • District reorganization/consolidation planning and implementation
  • Facility renewal planning


  • Gathering information from reliable sources
  • One-on-one or group conversations with stakeholders and key leaders
  • Making choices based on what is best based on what is known regardless of popularity of the decision
  • Willingness to monitor impact of decision-making and readily adjusting course as needed


  • Individual and group settings
  • New professionals and seasoned pros alike
  • Learning more through DIRT, Myers-Briggs, Bolman & Deal, and other frameworks
  • Identifying goals based upon strength building
  • Regular meetings to check progress and maintain fidelity to the growth process and accountability toward completion (where such authority is necessary)
  • Celebrating successes

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