Better Communicating

If communication is a critical skill, what are the areas that we need to work on and what specifically can we do to make improvements?  There are three areas of communication that need to be improved on:  (1) Listening, (2) Writing, and (3) Speaking. 

If I were to build a model that represents the importance of these elements, it would likely resemble a triangle.  At the base of the triangle I would put listening.  It is that critical to your success.  You must listen to people you serve and to people you are working with to ensure that you understand the needs present in your organization.

The next level up on the triangle would be writing.  You will be writing so much as a leader that it is critical you understand how to write and the impact of your writing.  

The final level up on the triangle would be speaking.  You might think that speaking would be emphasized more.  Please understand, leaders speak and they speak quite a lot.  But the listening and writing that have gone into their speaking often is much more extensive than you might be aware. 

If you need to work on your communication skills, reach out to me. I can help you Make It Better Today!

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