Debate in the Expression-Driven Classroom

My high school didn’t have a debate team, but if they would have I would definitely have been a member. I enjoy the process of formulating informed decisions and challenging the thinking of others. Such exchanges are healthy and quite useful in learning.  Debate is a practice that can be employed in an expression-driven classroom. … Continue reading Debate in the Expression-Driven Classroom

Make It Personal

My senior writing class sticks in my memory as one of my favorite classes.  I learned much about research and writing because the learning was personalized.  I was able to research whatever I wanted, and I chose to study the performance and compositional life of the Italian violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini.  I remember being excited … Continue reading Make It Personal

Differentiating in the Cooperative Classroom

I recently had the pleasure of revisiting my music teaching days by discussing music composition with a student. We discussed what makes a composition good, and I reflected on two elements: unity and variety. Within a quality musical composition, both will be present. As I thought about the need for unity and variety in a … Continue reading Differentiating in the Cooperative Classroom