Make Your Classroom A Greenhouse

I have a buddy in the greenhouse business. They design and build structures of all shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of customers all around the country. Flowers, vegetables, grasses, and trees can safely grow year-round because the company creates spaces that maintain ideal conditions for growth in spite of the environment outside of … Continue reading Make Your Classroom A Greenhouse

Helping Students Learn to Listen with Empathy and Understanding

Fred Rogers, the mild-mannered host of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” knew the importance of empathy and understanding with young children.  He would often spend hours talking with children to help them get answers to the questions they had.  In one interview he stressed the importance of listening and connecting with others.  He said, “In times of … Continue reading Helping Students Learn to Listen with Empathy and Understanding

Perspective, Empathy, and Depth

Students need opportunities and encouragement to look outside of themselves and consider how others may understand and feel about the world.  Classrooms can offer such opportunities and encouragement.  In the book Teaching for Deeper Learning: Tools to Engage Students in Meaning Making, authors Jay McTighe and Harvey Silver share the following five strategies for for … Continue reading Perspective, Empathy, and Depth

Empathy – An Emotional Essential

Empathy may seem a bit “touchy feely” for many educators, but the facts are clear: a lack of empathy leads students to a host of negative issues, including narcissism, aggression, bullying, self-centeredness, sadness, and stress.  None of these behaviors help increase student achievement. Schools that incorporate empathy as a curricular component find tremendous benefits for … Continue reading Empathy – An Emotional Essential

Supporting the Development of Social Skills

Social skills are those that allow us to interact with others. Students need the opportunity to learn and practice social skills in a safe place, such as a classroom or school. In their book All Learning Is Social And Emotional: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom And Beyond, authors Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, … Continue reading Supporting the Development of Social Skills