Helping Students Imagine the Possibilities

One of the most well known possibility thinkers of the 20th century was Robert H. Schuller.  He dedicated his life to building up others through expressions of hope and encouraging others to imagine the possibilities and pursue them.  Dr. Schuller would often ask, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” and … Continue reading Helping Students Imagine the Possibilities

Creating A Communicative Climate

Students frequently engage in energetic chatter within the classroom; however, that chatter is often idle. A wise teacher will channel student energy and dialogue in meaningful ways. Authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey suggest the following to create a classroom that is “driven by discussion, rather than distraction” (Fisher, D. & Frey, N. (2014). Speaking … Continue reading Creating A Communicative Climate

The Powerful Impact of Grace

I was very fortunate to have Todd Whitaker as a professor in my principal licensure program and as my university supervisor during my principal intern year. Dr. Whitaker frequently reminded us that great principals and great teachers knew what to ignore or overlook. He explained that great teachers and principals have the ability to ignore … Continue reading The Powerful Impact of Grace