Encouraging Every Student To Respond

I come from a long line of storytellers and joke tellers. It wasn’t uncommon for my dad and his brothers to regale family gatherings for hours trying to outperform each other. One thing I found fascinating is that in those authentic storytelling moments, they could spin a yarn that had everyone laughing uncontrollably; however, if … Continue reading Encouraging Every Student To Respond

The Importance of Think Time

I really enjoy the holiday breaks. The change of place and the change of pace give me opportunities to think, and when I have time to think I frequently solve problems that have been lingering and bring creative ideas into fruition.  Think time is also important in your classroom when you are asking questions of … Continue reading The Importance of Think Time

Let My Students Think

Think time is an important part of the communication process that is often overlooked in planning. Those periods of silence in the flow of a lesson can be awkward for students and teachers alike, but those moments of thought can yield tremendous insights from students. What should a teacher do during the silence of a … Continue reading Let My Students Think