What do you do?

Students are often curious about the working world and ask the question, “What do you do?”  If you, as a leader, were asked this question, how would you respond?  Perhaps the following will help you create a response:

  1. Leaders envision.  They see things differently, looking for ways to improve upon policies, procedures, and      practices in order to produce results.  The leader’s ability to clearly picture a new or better organization may very well be the thing that sets them apart from all others.
  2. Leaders equip.  They ensure that those called upon to fulfill the vision have the skills they need to accomplish    the task.  They prepare individuals to meet the challenges they may face in moving the organization forward.
  3. Leaders empower.  They vest authority in those would called upon to actualize the vision.  They allow people to work in ways that best yield results without micromanaging.
  4. Leaders empathize.  They understand the issues that those around them face and are attentive to needs.
  5. Leaders energize.  They invigorate the thinking and doing of all involved in the organization.
  6. Leaders embrace.  They grasp the challenges in front of them without hesitation.
  7. Leaders engage.  They take an active role in making positive things happen.
  8. Leaders encourage.  They support those around them in the work of fulfilling the vision.  They promote the best in the organization at all times.

Leaders do all of these things and so much more during their tenure.  Recognize and celebrate all that you do for your organization.

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