Teacher as Facilitator

For years we heard that teachers were the “sage on the stage” lecturing students as the primary mode of instruction. As we learned more about pedagogy, we began to hear that teachers were the “guide to the side” collaborating with students as a primary mode of instruction. In the expression-driven classroom, the teacher takes on … Continue reading Teacher as Facilitator

Making the Intangible Tangible

If you follow professional sports, you may have heard commentators say something like, “That player has many intangibles that make him/her great at the game.” What it means is the player has something a little extra special in his/her performance, ability, or understanding of the game that is difficult to qualify and quantify. In the … Continue reading Making the Intangible Tangible

Set A Goal!

Author and speaker Jon Acuff hosts a weekly podcast called “All It Takes Is A Goal.” I really enjoy listening as he talks with his guests – usually successful authors, entrepreneurs, and creators – about their work and how they came to be successful. The overarching theme is – you guessed it – setting a … Continue reading Set A Goal!

Raise the Praise!

People who can self-acknowledge have the ability to value themselves, their feelings, and efforts.   Students who have experienced trauma often have difficulty in this area and often rely on environmental feedback to determine value. As such, they need to be in environments that are positive and filled with encouragement. In their book Fostering Resilient Learners: … Continue reading Raise the Praise!