Set A Goal!

Author and speaker Jon Acuff hosts a weekly podcast called “All It Takes Is A Goal.” I really enjoy listening as he talks with his guests – usually successful authors, entrepreneurs, and creators – about their work and how they came to be successful. The overarching theme is – you guessed it – setting a … Continue reading Set A Goal!

High Yield Strategy: Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

My household is a place where food is important (as you can probably attest by my girth).  Each weekend, we plan a menu for the upcoming week.  Based upon that menu, we prepare a list of grocery needs.  I write the grocery list down, and many times I write the list based upon departments and … Continue reading High Yield Strategy: Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

Practices that Build Respect

Building respect between students and teachers and between student peers is an important part of the work that is done in the classroom.  In the article Relationships and Rapport: “You Don’t Know Me Like That” author Gabriel “Asheru” Benn shares the following classroom practices that build rapport and respect: Develop a shared standard for learning … Continue reading Practices that Build Respect