High Yield Strategy: Mental Set

Did you realize one of the most statistically significant tools in your behavior management kit is your mind? No, I’m not talking about going all Uri Geller and trying to bend the students like spoons (if this makes no sense to you, then you probably don’t know Geller was an illusionist whose big TV trick … Continue reading High Yield Strategy: Mental Set

SELF Care for Teachers

Teaching is exhausting work.  Teaching during a pandemic, with frequent switches between in-person instruction and distance delivery instruction, is exponentially more exhausting.  Over the past week I’ve had conversations with a number of teachers who have given all they can and are experiencing high degrees of stress.  Here’s my order to you:  Take care of … Continue reading SELF Care for Teachers

Practicing Self-Care

As educators, we spend our time and energy providing for the needs of our students. Many times our efforts come at the expense of our own well-being. During our school day, week, and year, we need to build and rebuild our emotional energy to be most effective. In her book Engage the Brain: How to … Continue reading Practicing Self-Care

Four Components of Self-Care

Teachers are known to be caring professionals. They give so much time and energy to caring for the needs of students, colleagues, family members, and friends at the expense of their own needs. Often times, they give so much to others that they are completely spent and burn out. The best way to fight the … Continue reading Four Components of Self-Care