Bringing Optimism Into The Classroom

You may know the names Norman Vincent Peale, James Allen, Earl Nightingale, Robert Schuller, and Dale Carnegie largely because of their work in the area of positive thinking. One of my favorite proponents is Zig Ziglar. In his book, Born to Win: Find Your Success Code, he wrote the following: Positive thinking won’t allow you … Continue reading Bringing Optimism Into The Classroom

Practicing Gratitude

There exists a rich body of literature regarding the importance of gratitude and its positive impact on our overall well being, and sometimes it is difficult to translate all of this knowing about gratitude into doing gratitude.  In the article 10 Ways to Be a More Thankful Person, author Andrea Uptmor shares the following ways … Continue reading Practicing Gratitude

Thinking About Gratitude

In spite of the continuing global pandemic and all of its disruptions to life, many are still approaching the Thanksgiving holiday with a spirit of gratitude.  That is a good thing!   Gratitude has many benefits overall according to Robert Emmons, one of the world’s greatest researchers in the area of gratitude.  In his article … Continue reading Thinking About Gratitude

Four Components of Self-Care

Teachers are known to be caring professionals. They give so much time and energy to caring for the needs of students, colleagues, family members, and friends at the expense of their own needs. Often times, they give so much to others that they are completely spent and burn out. The best way to fight the … Continue reading Four Components of Self-Care