Intentional Teaching

The word “intentional” indicates deliberate and purposeful action. Are there things that you can purposely do in your classroom that will help students perform at higher levels? According to author and researcher Jeff Marshall, the answer is yes. In his book The Highly Effective Teacher: 7 Classroom-Tested Practices That Foster Student Success, Jeff Marshall identifies … Continue reading Intentional Teaching

Seven Steps for Building Collaboration

Collaborative classroom work doesn’t just happen. It must be carefully planned and implemented. In the article Planning for Great Group Work, author Willona Sloan details seven steps for collaborative student work: Build a culture of collaboration: Begin on day one with low-stakes tasks, so that students have the opportunity to practice the skills they will … Continue reading Seven Steps for Building Collaboration

Four Steps for Intentional Collaboration

While classrooms are often filled with student chatter, that chatter is not productive in nature. Teachers must be intentional in their planning for student collaboration. In the article Maximizing Those A-Ha Moments with Intentional Collaboration by Nataki Gregory, four steps for intentional collaboration are identified: Set the purpose – Talk about why it is important … Continue reading Four Steps for Intentional Collaboration