Grow Your Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. We take a break from our routines to gather with family members and friends to break bread and enjoy those relationships. Many people use this time to reflect on the prior year through a lens of gratitude. If you find you’re in need of some growth in the area of gratitude, you’re in luck. In the article Gratitude Is Good: Why It’s Important And How To Cultivate It, author Tracy Brower provides the following four suggestions for ways you can grow your gratitude (

  1. Begin and end each day with gratitude. When you start the day by thinking about the things you appreciate, you establish a positive focus. Your brain will automatically be looking for things to appreciate. As you end the day thinking about all the good in your life, you will find a little extra joy and will be able to sleep a little better. 
  2. Be intentionally grateful during the day. Actively look for good things in your day and acknowledge them. Don’t take anything for granted. 
  3. Be expansive. Look for good in all situations. Be grateful for the things, people, and conditions you encounter throughout the day. 
  4. Write it down. Keep a gratitude journal. The act of writing about the good things in your life causes you to pause and reflect. It can serve as a historical record, so that on those occasional bad days you are able to read about all the good things you have experienced. 
  5. Express your gratitude. Be sure to share with your family members, friends, and colleagues about why you are grateful to have them in your lives. It will help you feel better about life, and you’ll help someone else to feel better about life. It’s a win-win situation!

As you prepare for the holiday break, take a little time to think about your students. Find a way to share how grateful you are to have them in your life. I guarantee both you and they will be glad you took the time to do so!

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