Intentional Teaching

teacher with students at tableThe word “intentional” indicates deliberate and purposeful action. Are there things that you can purposely do in your classroom that will help students perform at higher levels? According to author and researcher Jeff Marshall, the answer is yes.

In his book The Highly Effective Teacher: 7 Classroom-Tested Practices That Foster Student Success, Jeff Marshall identifies the following elements from the Teacher Intentionality Practice Scale (TIPS) that improve student achievement:

  1. A coherent, connected learning progression – Standards, objectives, lessons, and assessments are connected in a logical manner and the content is relevant.
  2. Strategies, resources, and technologies that enhance learning – A variety of pedagogical methodologies are employed to ensure that student learning needs are met. Resources and technology support and enhance the learning opportunities.
  3. A safe, respectful, well-organized learning environment – A collaborative student-centered classroom where time is used appropriately, routines are established and followed, and student behavior is positively managed is an environment in which students may succeed.
  4. Challenging, rigorous learning experiences – Students are encouraged to question at deeper levels and demonstrate understanding in new ways.
  5. Interactive, thoughtful learning – Classroom collaboration engages students with their peers and the content in meaningful ways.
  6. A creative, problem-solving culture – Curiosity and inquiry are essential to student success.
  7. Monitoring, assessment, and feedback that guide and inform instruction and learning – An articulated plan for formative assessment and feedback help identify student learning needs and guide instructional decision-making.

As you prepare for next week, think about these elements and how they can be implemented into your teaching. You and your students will be glad you did!



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