The End Is Here

Congratulations!  You survived a highly unusual school year!! As the summer break lies ahead, I hope you consider undertaking the following: Rejoice:  Find a way to celebrate all that you have accomplished.  You have managed to reinvent an entire instructional delivery model and deliver quality lessons to students in a distance-delivery format for nine weeks.  … Continue reading The End Is Here

The Five Elements of Design Thinking

I recently ordered some chairs for our living room, and like so many products today, they will require some assembly.  The company that produced the chairs provided instructions that contained images of the chair parts and the types of fasteners that will be used to bring the pieces all together.  The directions show step-by-step the … Continue reading The Five Elements of Design Thinking

Three Tips for Developing a Collaborative Classroom

The skills necessary for successful teamwork are not innate. They are learned behaviors. The students who enter our classrooms on a daily basis need direct instruction related to the skills of collaboration, and that instruction must be well planned. Some may be struggling to design collaborative activities for the classroom. The good news is there … Continue reading Three Tips for Developing a Collaborative Classroom