Questions Are Like Onions

In the movie Shrek, the ogre Shrek waxes philosophical and tells his traveling companion, Donkey, “Ogres are like onions. They have layers.” Focus questions are also like onions. No, they don’t make you cry or turn brown in the sun (as Donkey suggested to Shrek), but they do contain layers that can be peeled back … Continue reading Questions Are Like Onions

What’s the Big Idea?

In his book To Sell Is Human, author Daniel Pink shares a lesson he learned in law school.  His professor instructed students to “find the 1%.” What he meant was that students would benefit from wading through all the details and arguments to find the true legal issue – the real heart of the matter … Continue reading What’s the Big Idea?

Three Tips for Developing a Collaborative Classroom

The skills necessary for successful teamwork are not innate. They are learned behaviors. The students who enter our classrooms on a daily basis need direct instruction related to the skills of collaboration, and that instruction must be well planned. Some may be struggling to design collaborative activities for the classroom. The good news is there … Continue reading Three Tips for Developing a Collaborative Classroom