From Struggle to Strength

I lift weights. You can stop laughing now. I really do lift weights on a rather regular schedule. I’ve done some weight training in a fairly consistent manner since I was a college freshman. What I have learned in those years is to build strength you have to set up a struggle. The struggle doesn’t … Continue reading From Struggle to Strength

The Silly Putty Brain

One of my favorite activities as a child involved manipulating silly putty. It was great fun, because it was easy to reshape the rubbery mass into whatever came to mind. I also enjoyed flattening the putty out and pressing it on the Sunday comics to transfer the colorful images. The best part of it all … Continue reading The Silly Putty Brain

Ready, Set, Goals!

As we begin our new year, we renew our focus on district-wide, school-wide, and classroom goals. Students themselves are a vital component of the goal setting process, and they should have the opportunity to create and pursue meaningful learning goals. What can classroom teachers and content specialists do to help students establish such goals? In … Continue reading Ready, Set, Goals!

High Yield Strategy: Homework and Practice

Homework is a hotly debated and often researched topic among educators.  There seems to be a rather significant divide at times regarding whether or not it really makes a difference for students.  Today’s writing is not intended to swim into those deep waters.  Instead, today we will continue to move forward with our review of … Continue reading High Yield Strategy: Homework and Practice

Three Tips for Developing a Collaborative Classroom

The skills necessary for successful teamwork are not innate. They are learned behaviors. The students who enter our classrooms on a daily basis need direct instruction related to the skills of collaboration, and that instruction must be well planned. Some may be struggling to design collaborative activities for the classroom. The good news is there … Continue reading Three Tips for Developing a Collaborative Classroom